Continuity of Care Documents and Records

As part of the first stage of U.S. federal incentives for the adoption of electronic health records, known as Meaningful Use, the CCD and Continuity of Care Record (CCR) were both selected as acceptable extract formats for clinical care summaries.

The terms CDA, CCD and CCR are all related to the exchange of Patient Health Care Summaries in a standardized format that can be shared electronically and interpreted by humans and by computers.


CCD (Continuity of Care Document) is a standard way of reporting and sharing patient summary information with the patient and among providers and other health care entities, such as hospitals.

CCRs are Continuity of Care Records from other entities involved with the patient's care that may be imported into their Advantage medical record.

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Receiving CDA CCDs from outside entities

CCD Data Elements

CCD Data Elements and the Advantage Patient Record with simplified SQL Scripts.  Sample CCD

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