Transmission of Scheduled Drugs

Due to DEA and Subscripts requirements, scheduled drugs (under the Controlled Substances Act) may not be transmitted through the NewCrop interface. They must be printed out, manually signed and manually faxed to the pharmacy.

Schedule II drugs, such as Percodan, have always required a print and manual signature (often called a 'wet' signature). Although the ability to transmit Schedule III, IV and V drugs has varied by state, Surescripts has mandated that all scheduled drugs are handled in the same way. All scheduled drugs must be printed out, manually signed and faxed at this time.

lightbulb_sm.gifAdvantage Medication records with a DEA Class Code assigned are not included in the Denominator calculation for Meaningful Use Core Set 4.

Schedule II Drugs:

Schedule III Drugs:

Schedule IV Drugs:

Schedule V Drugs: